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Tulip GEMS

Tulip GEMS™ Single-Use

CellFriendly Fat Transfer Instruments

Tulip’s proprietary CellFriendly™ Technology is now available in premium, pre-sterilized, single-use instruments with our patented SuperLuerLok. Tulip GEMS are sterile, disposable liposuction instruments designed to eliminate risk of cross contamination while providing top-of-the-line performance. Tulip GEMS glide easily through tissue and resist clogging. Tulip GEMS – simply the best. No other Fat Transfer and Fat Grafting instruments on the market have the Tulip Advantage.

“Tulip GEMS are easier and quicker to harvest with. The disposable GEMS Johnnie Snaps are convenient and easy to place into the syringes.” William A. Zamboni, MD, Las Vegas, Nevada

Tulip GEMS, a premium single-use, advanced harvesting
and fat transfer system.